Live At the Deer Head Inn #2 – Nancy Reed & John Coates, Jr.

Nancy Reed & John Coates, Jr.

“John Coates, Jr. made his first trio recording in 1955. He was still in high school. His father was a pianist and an influence, as were Bud Powell and Art Tatum. John went on the road with Charlie Ventura for two years before attending Rutgers University where he received a degree in Italian Studies. In the early sixties, Coates took up a long lasting residency at the Deer Head Inn. I first heard him there in 1969. It was an unforgettable experience, to walk in to this charming inn with no expectations and encounter his greatness. John Coates, Jr. has been a prolific composer and arranger in choral music as well as jazz, with hundreds of credits. His influence on the Pocono jazz scene has also spread worldwide through his many recordings.” -Bill Goodwin

“Through the years I’ve gone to the Deer Head Inn, one of the oldest jazz clubs in the country, to hear John Coates play. I’ve become a huge and loyal fan of his beautiful style and choice of notes. When the Deer Head owner, Denny Carrig, suggested the collaboration between us, I was so honored. From the first note, I was on cloud nine and have felt that way ever since, when I think about that night.” -Nancy Reed