That’s Jon Batiste’s bet. The 27-year-old keyboardist and vocalist is steeped in the jazz and rhythm-and-blues traditions of New Orleans (he grew up in a musical family in Kenner, a Crescent City suburb) and though he now lives in New York, he’s trying to create a kind of music that melds traditions like the second line to a more modern sound.

But Batiste’s approach is as much about presentation as it is about the actual melodies and rhythms he plays. As he explained to an audience at the Aspen Ideas Festival, presented by The Atlantic and the Aspen Institute, on Tuesday, he tries to take music to new audiences with what he calls “love riots”: He and his band will stage concerts—sometimes impromptu, sometimes only quietly promoted—in unconventional settings like subway stations, street corners, and restaurants. He offered a tiny taste, moving through the audience with a melodica, singing and interacting with members.

(Full Story via The Atlantic)

The Deer Head Inn
Our historic venue, The Deer Head Inn.

There is live music 4 to 5 nights a week at The Deer Head Inn.  Check out our  ‘Gigs’  page for upcoming shows.

The Inn is a four-story hotel with 8 tasetfully decorated rooms and 2 suites, each with a private bath with the  restaurant, bar and jazz club located on the first floor.

Lodging is available 7 days a week, live music Thursday through Sunday and Big Band the last Monday of every month.  Breakfast at The Morning Cure, here at the Deer Head Inn, is served Saturdays and Sundays.

You can find out more about the hotel, restaurant and venue here.

Check out some upcoming gigs on our ‘Gigs’ page and come hear some music!